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Guest Post: Do You Break, or Break THROUGH? By Ali Brown

Alexandria_BrownIn her many years as an entrepreneur mentor, and from growing her own multi-million dollar business, Ali Brown has realized something…

Whenever you want to step into a greater version of you – be it starting a business, growing your enterprise, taking a better job, or any type of leap – it often comes with a new found demand for increased courage and faith, and moving through some type of fear.

Ali has taught her students to embrace these little tests, because these “breakdowns” always come before big breakthroughs.

Wouldn’t it be good to know exactly WHEN you can expect these little explosions to happen, so you don’t give up?

In her program, “Divine Success: The 7 Phases to Realizing Your Dreams.” Ali has uncovered 7 DISTINCT PHASES one goes through when stepping into the next level. You’ll discover the complete personal and succinct steps you can use to tap into your HIGHER POWER and UPLEVEL your business, income, and life.

Many of you have been ready for a program like this for quite some time, so take today into your own hands, because there couldn’t be a better time to create a new, stronger relationship with YOUR higher power.

Learn all about Ali Brown’s  “Divine Success” here.


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Have a great Camping Trip with your Family…


Save Money on Vacations – Family Camping Fun

Camping_TentSure, getting away from the rush and hustle of daily life is one of the reasons families choose to go camping… but for our kids – it can be the ultimate adventure.   A family camping trip this summer can be a great way to see beauty of your own country and build family memories. Here are a few tips that to help you save money and ensure your camping vacation experience is both safe and fun:

  • Prepare Well.  If your children are not too big yet, you’ll probably want to find a tent that will fit all if you comfortably.  But, if your children are a bit older, a good alternative is pup tents for them to let them feel some independence. Take a look at some options here.
    If you are just starting out, or have just purchased a new tent, practice setting up and packing up the tents in your backyard – even in your living room. This will make on site set up much faster and hassle free – more time to play and explore.
  • Checklists Work!  As you’re starting to plan your trip, start creating checklists of what you need to do and what you want to make sure you take along so you don’t miss anything. Here are some important checklist items you will want to consider:
    • You’ll be preparing and sharing meals, so plan the cooking and eating gear you’ll need: frying pan, a few pots, a bucket, barbecue grill or stove, food storage bags, cooking utensils, etc.  If you’re leaving from home, you might want to pre-prepare some parts of a few meals – chop veggies, marinate meat, pre-make burgers, etc. Again, it saves you time and leaves more time for fun. When you think about it, this will probably also save you some money on food costs.
      Then any utensils you would use… don’t forget the all-important can opener! Of course, one or two coolers (you can make your own bags of ice if you start working on it a few weeks ahead.) Here is some information on cooking and cooking gear.
    • The right clothes, of course, are essential.  Layering is magic. You can easily bring several different lightweight shirts, sweaters, and jackets that let you control how comfortable you are, and can give you several different outfits to wear for different occasions – think sightseeing as the occasional alternative to hiking. Then the usual array of under clothes, extra socks, hats, gloves, etc. Make sure you have comfortable and safe shoes.
    • Sleeping bags, first aid, flashlights, cell phone, garbage bags, toiletries, sunscreen, ointments, maps, insect repellent, games for the kids, and, of course, rain-wear. Take a look at some sleeping bag options here.icon

Many of the guides we have links to here will have good checklists that you can customize for your trip – or, of course, create your own to make sure it is right for you and your family.

  • Find the Right Campsite.  Depending upon whether you decide to “rough it” or choose a campsite that is close to amenities, you can research the many campsites online that offer comprehensive information on the area.  This will enable you to decide not only what equipment, clothing, and food you need to take, but the available hiking areas and points of interest as well.Here is one good collection of camping guides, and here is another. Ensure that the campsite you select is an official campsite area.  And when researching camping sites it’s a good idea to look for those areas that are on the high ground… so if it rains, your tent and equipment will not become water logged.
  • On Site. Choose an area to set up the tents. Ensure there are no rocks or debris where the tent will be set up.  Most campgrounds will post warning signs or instructions regarding specific animals and vegetation.
  • Watch that Fire. Ensure that it is set up further away from the tents.  After you have roasted the marshmallows, sung songs, and told ghost stories; douse the fire before going to bed.

Here’s a great tip: Brad Alexander of Globe Cheap Travel has a phenomenal Budget Travel Guide that includes a section on Camping. I have a book review of it here, but, if you are planning on traveling, either for business or for pleasure, this book will pay back its modest price very quickly. Take a look at, and at the book, Budget Travel Guide.

And don’t forget, take lots of photos. You’ll look back on them for years to come and, “relive” some of the feelings and experiences. You’ll be glad you have the memories, and if you get some good ones, make them into big enlargements to hang on your walls – it will make your friends and neighbors jealous to see the fun you had. You might want to read an article I wrote a while back about making your home into a living, “photo album” with walls covered in photographic memories.

Finally, enjoy the entire camping experience.  Sleeping under the stars, communing with nature, and relishing the time spent with family will not only bring a family closer together, but the memories of this experience will last forever.



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